Our Partners


1. The Banyan

The Banyan, is a chain of Pre-schools, Day Cares, Activity Centres and Corporate Day Cares that has grown since 2003 and has a pan India presence. The company continues to advance in the field of childcare and aim to support more families as they grow. They provide childcare to children from as-early-as 3 months to 12 years. Besides, they provide after school programs for older children and conduct summer and winter camps to keep the kids occupied and make learning fun and simple while the parents are away at work. 


2. Spread A Smile

Spread A Smile India is dedicated towards the overall improvement, education and development of one of the most vulnerable sections of society – the destitute children living and begging on the streets of India. Children, who do not get to enjoy the essence of childhood.

Founded in 2005 in New Delhi, Spread A Smile presently works with groups of children from five different traffic signals. Namely Moti Bagh, IIT-Gate, Berserai, IIT-Hostel and RK Puram. From a daily pick-up to hot meals and daily sanitation requirements, informal education and fun activities, Spread A Smile takes a holistic view of the overall development of these vulnerable children.

By organising regular health camps, elementary education, excursion trips, vocational training, sanitation and social awareness programs, Spread A Smile aims to equip these children with the means they require for a healthy and secure future.


3. Simple Education Foundation

Simple education foundation (SEF) is a not for profit organisation that’s based out of Delhi. It was started by a group of Teach for India alumni, with this belief that every child deserves to get an excellent education. They work to design & implement holistic learning models that aim to transform and strengthen the public schools from within. Currently, they’re working on four such projects under government and private partnerships, spread across three states.


4. Satya Sai Seva Organisation 

The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation was founded in the 1960s by Sri Sathya Sai Baba to enable its members to undertake service activities as a means to spiritual advancement. The Sathya Sai Organisation derives inspiration, guidance and strength from Sai Baba’s mission and message of propagating the truth of man’s inherent divinity, which is proclaimed and preached by all religions of the world. In consonance with this truth, the Organisation has as its main objective selfless love and service without any distinction of religion, nationality, race, socio-economic status, either for those who work in the Organisation or for those who are served by them.

aarohan .png

AAROHAN works towards increasing access to education for underprivileged children, protection of women and other community members living in difficult material and social circumstances. We are proud to announce that AAROHAN has adopted our curriculum. For are information about AAROHAN. https://www.aarohanngo.org

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6. My Perch 
A registered charitable trust, My Perch works towards securing educational resources for children from marginalised communities and creating a space which is conducive to learning. We are proud to announce that My Perch has adopted our curriculum. For more information about My Perch.