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Lodhi Graffiti Wall Art District

Educational Trip to Lodhi Art District

The FunWagon curated tour with the children of Sri Satya Say Sewa Organisation on 21st April 2019 was an interactive walk that took the students through the vibrant public art district of the capital. Through the tour, FunWagon engaged the students and introduced them to a new format of experiencing contemporary art and the city itself. The walk provided an insight into the historical aspects of the location, the stories behind the project and each one of the murals.


Since 2015 Start  India foundation is working in close collaboration with CPWD and Swachh Bharat mission to re-invigorate the Lodhi colony area of New Delhi. Acclaimed international and national street artists worked on the walls between Khanna market and Meherchand market to convert Lodhi colony into India’s first public art district. 30 murals have been created so far, transforming this centrally located area into a democratic open air museum. Mahira, the  tour leader and founder of the Funwagon team  provided  insights into the history of the colony, the project, the backgrounds and contexts of the works and stories  related to the art work.