The Value of Extra Curriculars


I believe that children learn life’s most important skills such as leadership, time management, discipline, teamwork, conflict resolution, and problem-solving, outside the walls of a classroom setting. Having participated in different fields of social activities throughout my childhood and teenage years, I am confident that stepping outside their comfort zone, is when children from ages 6 to 12 years, truly apply their skills. Engaging in experiential learning activities, develops students social skills and encourages them to interact with new people with confidence. Lastly, I have found that experiential learning activities also force students to acknowledge and address their struggles, and then find ways to improve themselves.

The Story of FunWagon


Initially, my aim was for FunWagon to only be open for students from NGO schools; when I thought of access I seemed to only think of a very specific demographic. But, I  soon realized that I held a unique chance- a chance to bridge the gap between the students and a chance to increase opportunities for all. In schools in India, students are applauded for scoring well on exams that require memorising textbooks and hours of tuition, regardless of socio-economic status.


We curate and organise full day events for students to be a part of. We hope they have a lot of fun and learn at the same time!